Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Is that the best interests of your child?

When fighting for your child in lenawee county you should always remember you better have alot of money and be a brown nose or else you may not be a good parent! What if you heard your lawyer say "i have sally shanks wrapped around my finger" Those are actual quotes! She is a custody evaluator. What if you are a single mom or dad? What don't the courts see behind closed doors? do they even care or is it only about money? My daughter is being hit, vebally abused and put right in the middle of a fight that she should not be involved with! Listening to the other parent dog me and i just continue staying quiet and not saying anything in my defense. what do i do? no one will help me no one believes anything i say! what would you do? this is the same freak who has me watched, fakes his own break ins to get me in trouble,and the worst is he thinks his shit don't stink well i think he has issues with letting go of me and he gives me a strange stalker vibe. I do not want to even go to his house by myself for exchanges because he is so weird. I do not have alot of money so if anyone knows of any help please let me know! thank you

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