Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Is that the best interests of your child?

When fighting for your child in lenawee county you should always remember you better have alot of money and be a brown nose or else you may not be a good parent! What if you heard your lawyer say "i have sally shanks wrapped around my finger" Those are actual quotes! She is a custody evaluator. What if you are a single mom or dad? What don't the courts see behind closed doors? do they even care or is it only about money? My daughter is being hit, vebally abused and put right in the middle of a fight that she should not be involved with! Listening to the other parent dog me and i just continue staying quiet and not saying anything in my defense. what do i do? no one will help me no one believes anything i say! what would you do? this is the same freak who has me watched, fakes his own break ins to get me in trouble,and the worst is he thinks his shit don't stink well i think he has issues with letting go of me and he gives me a strange stalker vibe. I do not want to even go to his house by myself for exchanges because he is so weird. I do not have alot of money so if anyone knows of any help please let me know! thank you

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Who can you trust?

When a person of authority steps outside the bounderies of their code of conduct with any person what should happen to them? When you obtain very reliable information about a currupt justice system and our local authoritys, court workers and judges who can you trust? That to me is the biggest question right now! Can we trust our attorneys? Maybe i guess or atleast a share of them. My issues continue on a daily basis with lenawee county I don't believe in the way people are sterotyped in Lenawee County. if you don't have money to throw at our attorneys and judges you go to jail or if you are related to someone who has had issues in this county they will make you pay! I can't help who i am related to or my jobs layoffs i don't even get a say when it comes to my own life! Lenawee county has sent me down the river because my mom messed around and married the wrong man and they called police on each other everyother day! now i am being judged by people who sit on the high side and like to humiliate you and taunt you everyfive minutes. My FOC worker wanted to have sex with me i say no and i cannot get him to do anything for me not even a show cause but instead he show cause's me on anything he can trying to make me run scared sorry i am not the one! As soon as i get the phone records proveing it thats your job! What would you do if your child tells you "dad has someone living across the street from you hes watching you" I guess that is not a good enough creepy signto tell the police hes alittle off You know like the people that have control issues, master munipulaters, and the poeple that just start shooting people I mean HELLO. What do you do? What do you do if you were getting married and someone who would rather see you unhappy munipulated the police into thinking you did something wrong and they tell you confess or i cannot assure you'll be at your wedding! These are only some of the very reasons i ask who can you trust? What if i told you my reliable sources are attorneys and they say its not justice it who you know how much you got and if they like you are not or even judgements based on who and or how much you paid your attorney. I wish i could prove this but i do not have access to where they have their little chit chats And LENAWEE COUNTY RESIDEDNTS BEWARE be careful your attorneys are not friends outside the court room because they will decide your fate on who owes who the most Isen't that nice!!!! My sources also say that one of our lenawee county judges is presently being investagated by a really good private investagator. Good Luck!!!